While there are a number of qualifications that make a federal court reporter good at her job, the first thing you should look for is a FCRR certification. An individual must be a Federal Certified Realtime Reporter (in other words, he or she must have taken and passed the Federal Certified Realtime Reporter Exam) to be certified to take government court reporting depositions and hearing records.

The basics of the FCRR exam include:

  • Multiple sessions. To pass the FCRR exam, reporters must sit for one of two five-minute dictation sessions. If students opt to take both tests, the one with the higher score is accepted.
  • Listening. Reporters must transcribe three separate question-and-answer exchanges spoken at speeds between 180 and 200 words per minute. These spoken interchanges include common court terminology at a basic audible level.
  • Accuracy. The reporter must record the spoken interactions with at least 96 percent accuracy to pass.

The FCRR examination is considered a high standard for court reporting proficiency, as it is administered by the United States Court Reporters Association (USCRA). USCRA is recognized by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts as a reputable credentialing association, and admits FCRR certification as proof of competency in government court reporters. USCRA is also responsible for upholding standards and ethics in government court reporting industry, as well as encouraging continuing education and the use of current technology in verbatim court reporting.

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