In times of economic crisis, it’s easy to get caught up in a cost-cutting mindset. Your firm already has so much overhead that you need to curb spending wherever you can, so you naturally wonder if outsourcing your court reporting will do your business any harm.

Although some firms successfully outsource their court reporting, you should know that the process is a crapshoot. If you choose the wrong court reporting firm, the transcripts could contain errors that affect the interpretation of your client’s testimony.

Here are a few benefits to having an on-site court reporter as part of your court deposition services:

  • Vetting their experience in person. Reporters not only need to have excellent listening and grammar skills, they should also be familiar with the specific types of cases you take. It saves a lot of time if the court reporter is familiar with specific medical and legal terminology as well as common court procedures.
  • Retaining the same reporter. Some depositions can stretch for days, and familiarizing a new court reporter with the details of the case each day adds time you don’t have. Reputable businesses can make arrange for you to retain your reporter for the length of each client’s deposition.
  • It saves money. If you don’t know who you’re dealing with, it is often more difficult to get what you want. If a transcript comes back to you with spelling errors, omissions, or repeated blocks of garbled or unintelligible text, you will have to pay for replacement out of your own pocket.

If you want your clients to respect and refer you, you cannot give them any reason to think your services are below par.

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