There are literally hundreds of independent court reporters, endless online companies that can turn your transcripts around, and nearly limitless ways to record a deposition. It’s such an overwhelming process, it seems like the only way to shop for contractors is to go with the lowest bidder. After all, any one of them could let you down, so why pay more for a service if you’re not sure of the results?

Five Benefits to Hiring Women-Owned Companies in D.C.

Before you make the final call on which company should handle your business, consider these reasons why keeping your transcripts and depositions in a local, woman-owned business could be the best option for you and your clients:

  • Techno-savvy. The days when companies needed a room full of servers to conduct business are long gone. Whole operations can be run from a single laptop, tablet, or smartphone—and women remain the fastest-growing demographic for many electronic devices. Women are also more likely to implement new technologies into their businesses and take tech recommendations from fellow business owners.
  • Natural fighters. As women have outpaced men in college attendance, they have learned to compete with peers who had a greater initial advantage. As a result, female CEOs are hardened negotiators who are not likely to fold when they are met with opposition. On the contrary, more women seek out difficult opportunities in order to distinguish themselves from the competition, and look to expand their businesses earlier and more often than male-owned companies.
  • Multitasking. Many small-business owners get their start working from home, but women are uniquely poised to handle the difficulties and last-minute changes of running a business. Access to technology allows women to work at home with few disruptions, since women are more likely to fill down time (such as the hour before bed or before the children get home from school) with work tasks, creating an “always on” mentality.
  • Financial benefits. Female-owned companies are on the rise, but they still have to maintain a competitive edge over their established competition. In most cases, this encourages woman business owners to embrace new technologies and think outside the box to keep costs low. Less overhead means fewer costs to pass onto customers, so doing business with female-owned companies is more likely to be mutually profitable.
  • Friends of friends. Women are naturally adept at cutting costs and following budgets, meaning they are more likely to adopt low-cost or free technologies rather than waste money on inferior products. Women-owned businesses rely on digital marketing and social media to grow their businesses, giving them a dedicated following of YouTube subscribers, Facebook fans, and Twitter followers—all of whom offer you an infinite pool of potential clients.

Casamo & Associates has built trusted relationships with court reporters and legal businesses across the nation, allowing us to offer services tailored to each individual client. If you need next-day court reporting, video deposition services, or a place to conduct a video conference or an important presentation, we can provide a creative solution to meet your needs. Schedule a service here.

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