While most people would argue that outsourcing court reporting duties hurts the local economy, the truth is that the damage can produce effects far beyond the local level. Availability and competition for court reporting jobs in D.C. and Virginia are certainly affected, but if outsourcing trends continue, consequences may reaching across the U.S. as a whole.

Here are just a few ways outsourcing is changing the face of legal proceedings in the United States:

  • Transcript quality. Lawyers may opt to record depositions and send the recording to transcriptionists overseas as a cheaper alternative to hiring an in-house court reporter. However, many attorneys have noted that the quality of the documents they receive is spotty, incomplete, or completely illegible, forcing the attorney to undergo the additional expense of a second deposition.
  • Disenfranchisement. As a large number of certified court reporters are female, outsourcing and eliminating court reporting work has had a negative impact on women in the workforce.
  • Lack of accountability. Many overseas court reporting services are able to keep their costs low by paying lower wages to their workers and cutting corners on quality. As a result, when a transcript arrives that is unusable or unprofessional, attorneys will face a longer turnaround time for replacement and may only be able to contact the company by phone or through email to get their needs met.

Local Reporters Offer More Benefits Than Outsourcing Firms

A good court reporter is an asset to your firm, and should be treated just as any other investment in your business. At Casamo & Associates, we have a full staff of competent, certified reporters with a wide range of knowledge across all legal topics. Our staff is always available to help you find a reporter for your type of case, and we can address any special considerations or accommodations you may need before booking.

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