Your time is valuable. It is your biggest commodity. Your clients realize that they are paying for your careful attention to detail, and your staff knows better than to distract you when you’re working on a case. So why would you use a court reporter who doesn’t also respect and value your time?

In most cases, it isn’t difficult to find a court reporter who is willing to transcribe your testimonies. However, finding a certified court reporter with knowledge of your type of case who can work around your busy schedule can be a headache—especially if you find a great prospect who never calls you back.

You Have the Right to Expect Your Court Reporter Will Meet or Exceed These Professional Standards

No matter how high his skill level, the D.C. court reporter you choose should understand that:

  • Dates change. All attorneys have to deal with deposition reschedulings and courtroom relocations. Your court reporter should be flexible enough to be available in case of last-minute schedule changes.
  • Time is precious. No only should your court reporter work around your schedule, he should be available for any urgent developments and be able to turn around his transcripts quickly.
  • Detail is everything. Court reporting goes far beyond grammar and spelling skills. Your court reporting company should have options for specialized case knowledge and offer interpreter services for non-English speaking witnesses (ours are available at 703-837-0076).
  • Multimedia benefits everyone. You can’t afford to wait days to review testimony, and you shouldn’t have to. You can have real-time reporting, support preparing for a major case, or video deposition services at your fingertips—all from the same reporting company.
  • Availability is the first step. Don’t be satisfied with leaving your contact info on an answering machine. Your reporter should offer many ways to get in contact and reply to all requests before the end of the business day. For example, our clients may contact us by phone, email, or make a request using our online scheduler—and no matter how you reach out to us, we contact you within the hour to discuss, confirm, and schedule your request.

Want to know more about scheduling a certified court reporter in Washington, D.C.? Check out our court reporting services page to find out how we can help you and your clients meet your goals.

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