When attorneys turn to outside companies toshutterstock_249212599 transcribe court and deposition recordings, their main concerns are usually speed, cost, and accuracy. After all, these things are important to your clients and the integrity of your firm—and any reputable transcription company should be expected to deliver a fast, quality product.

However, what many attorneys don’t appreciate is that an attractive website and a low-cost page rate can hide many sins, including dissemination of private information.

How Outsourcing Your Transcript Can Lead to Privacy Issues

Not all transcription companies are created equal. Just as a promise to deliver your records quickly does not ensure acceptable quality, a transcriptionist who transcribes information may not be qualified to protect it. Consider the following ways the privacy of your clients (and the reputation of your firm) may be at risk:

  • Outsourcing. Sending your deposition tapes and audio files overseas may seem like an easy way to cut costs, but often the risks outweigh the financial savings. You have very little control over who receives your information, who will transcribe it, and how many different people will have access to it. Information transmitted electronically could potentially be accessed by millions of people without the proper security—and cut-rate transcription firms may forgo these measures for a cheaper alternative.
  • Subcontracting. Even if you trust the firm you do business with, your information may still be passed to other parties. Many firms employ subcontractors to help with specialized cases or a surge in orders, potentially exposing your private files to even more eyes. For example, your medical malpractice deposition may go to a transcriptionist who is familiar with medical terminology, but may not be a licensed medical transcriptionist. The difference? Medical transcriptionists are required to adhere to HIPAA requirements to protect medical information.
  • Qualifications. Some transcription is done by people who have only received minimal training, have not been properly trained at all, or are operating unlicensed on a freelance basis. Training in transcription does not always include training in privacy protection, and can lead to open discussion of private health problems, unfounded accusation, or even blackmail.

Privacy and Protection Begin at Home

You should not have to worry about entrusting your private information to a firm in the course of your business. That is why we offer peace of mind in addition to our quality products. At Casamo & Associates, our transcriptions are done by our court reporters, and nobody else. By keeping all of your information at home, we ensure that you and your clients will have the protection you deserve. Call us today at (703) 837-0076 to see how our services make a difference, or use our online scheduler to make a request.

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