If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine what a video can do for your client. A day in the life video brings your client’s story to life and personalizes the injury as words never can.

There is nothing magic about the process. A day in the life cannot make a bad case good. It can, however, communicate with accuracy how the injury affects your client on a day-to-day basis. A seasoned professional videographer spends several hours on-site videotaping your client performing activities that have been affected by his or her injury. The video is then condensed to a 20-25 minute format suitable for courtroom presentation. The judge or jury can see face to face the pain your client experiences moving about in their home, getting in and out of their car and in the simple functioning of daily life. Our videographer can follow the shooting and editing sequence from beginning to end managing a seamless high quality presentation.

Many times the concern about these projects is the cost, but there are a number of ways costs can be minimized. Go over all the details in advance with our videographer and come to the shoot prepared with what you consider to be your priorities.  Prepare your client for what she will encounter for the day. Make sure she is ready and well rested. Make editing notes throughout the shoot for the videographer. This will eliminate questions later. As with every client decision, the cost must be weighed against the benefit. And the value of video is priceless.

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