When it comes to audio dictation, the applications for a law firm are nearly limitless. Dictating your case notes and depositions for later transcription by a third party gives you the benefit of free time, all the while allowing you keep your mind on the case.

However, the many benefits of dictation and audio transcription can be used well beyond summaries and witness testimony. Consider how the following uses for audio transcription could be used in your firm:

  • Recorded statements. If you need a statement from a expert or an out-of-town witness, you may only have your cellphone with you to record audio. Recording a fast question-and-answer session gives you more of an advantage than having no testimony from the witness at all!
  • Surveillance tapes. Any audio or video evidence should be transcribed into a written document to help clarify what is being said on tape.
  • Meetings. A written record of staff meetings, meetings with co-counsel, and other proceedings can help identify action items and keep your employees accountable and on-task in their daily performance.
  • Marketing. Written accounts of speeches, television ads, online commercials, and other spoken media can be used as valuable marketing materials on your firm’s website or future campaigns.

We Offer Transcription Services Across Multiple Software Platforms

Casamo & Associates is proud to offer audio transcription for a variety of audio formats. Our transcription staff handles large and small assignments, and can duplicate or convert your digital audio into the file type of your choosing—and in many cases, this can be done same-day. Call us today at (877) 837-0077 or click on our Online Scheduler to tell us more about the services you require.

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