Singer Justin Bieber has garnered worldwide attention after a stunning performance—not on stage, but in a deposition video addressing questions about the actions of his bodyguards.

Highlights of the March 6 deposition in Miami include Bieber’s hostile responses to questions, winking at the camera, and swearing at a court reporter who asked the pop star to speak louder so she could transcribe his answers.

The legal matter, a paparazzo’s lawsuit against Bieber after being allegedly attacked by one of the singer’s bodyguards, has taken a backseat in most viewers’ responses. Many newsagents focus on the performer’s behavior and attitude, including mumbling, slouching, and rolling his eyes while attorneys deliberate around him.

While it may not have been his goal to record a sympathetic deposition video, the 20-year-old Bieber demonstrates with glib responses and apathetic body language that he is at the very least unconcerned with his current legal troubles.

The singer did have one reaction that showed interest in the line of questioning: an outburst warning the opposing attorney to “back off” on questions about his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. After repeatedly wagging his finger at the opposing counsel in objection to the inquiries, Bieber then left the room with his own attorney in tow for an unscheduled break.

Entertainment news site TMZ edited over 4½ hours of deposition footage into clips, which are currently posted on YouTube.

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